Road Safety Products

Traffic safety is major concern specially in a developing country like ours. With the second highest number of reported deaths on road in the world, it’s a situation which needs our immediate attention. At Frontier Polymers Pvt Ltd., we have been engaged in addressing this growing menace by designing and manufacturing of traffic safety products to be effectively and safely be used on the roads. We manufactured our first road barrier in the year 2001. This nearly two decade long journey has helped save numerous lives on the road – the sole reason why we passionately work towards creating more effective safety products. Our Traffic safety products follow international designs with UV stability and non-fading colours being intrinsic to our approach. From traffic barriers, to bullnose barriers, to flexible traffic cones to heavy duty speed breakers, we are continuously innovating and putting back resources in continuous R&D.

Frontier is one of the largest road safety product manufacturer in the country. If you have a specific requirement – please get in touch with us. Our design and manufacturing expertise can make your product concept come to life.