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Our 0.9m high Floodstop barrier is a robust and effective flood defence system. The barrier can be assembled to any length and be arranged to suit any direction and opening. The system can be rapidly deployed by two persons with ease. These barriers are often used to protect sensitive installations like power plants, electrical substations, nuclear installations, telecom structures, factories, malls, personal property which could be a casualty to flooding during rain or any maintenance work. These barriers can be deployed on temporary or permanent basis depending upon the customers requirement.

How does it work

The flood barrier is assembled by connecting the 1-metre long modular units. When in use the majority of the modular units actually fill with the rising flood waters, and ensures the assembled flood barrier holds back flood waters. All units incorporate hard-wearing gaskets to ensure sealing.For acute cornering or wall connection in a Floodstop assembly a Multi-hub unit is simply used to connect to the walls. In the above set up a free board is required. These barriers are effective upto 80% of their height capacity.

The Benefits of our flood barriers include


Quick to deploy

Rapidly deployable flood defence system than can be assembled by one or two people


Cost Effective

A highly effective system with a lower cost and vastly superior flood protection than sandbags


Robust Sysytem

Self-balancing with no bolting requirement. Wall connections can be made with ease


Easy to store

Recyclable, reusable and can be used as leverage to gain flood insurance


Flood insurance is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, and most home and business owners are aware that they must take responsibility in protecting their properties from the risk of flooding with flood defence barriers.

Benefits of Floodstop include:

Rapidly deployable flood defence system

Can be assembled by one person

Not affected by strong winds when deployed

Highly flexible system

More cost effective
and versatile flood protection than sandbags

Benefits of Floodstop include:

Self-balancing with no bolting required

Multi-hub connection unit allows easy connection to walls and cornering

Units nest into each other for easy storage

Recyclable and reusable.

Can be used as leverage to gain flood insurance


New Project
  • Typical hard standings such as roads, pavements,pathways etc.
  • Grass or soil,depending on undulations.
  • Not recommended for use on gravel.


Our company and technology has been featured in



Our company and technology has been featured in



About Frontier Polymers

Frontier Polymers Pvt. Ltd. has entered into partnership with Fluvial Innovations Ltd, UK to manufacture and market their patented and award wining technology for FLOODSTOP BARRIERS.

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Fluvial Innovations has been working and supplying technology in the flood defence industry for over 10-years. They have supplied many kilometers of flood barriers to hundreds of customers around the world. They are truly a world-wide company with manufacturing and distributor networks set up in Europe, Asia and the America’s.

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In 2018 Her Majesty The Queen selected Fluvial Innovations Ltd as winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is known globally as a mark of excellence. It is the highest official UK award for British companies.

Awarded the queen’s award for enterprise: innovation
Winner of climate week – best climate ready initiative
Awarded the queen’s award for enterprise: innovation

Frontier Polymers has earned a name for itself being pioneers in setting up the first national manufacturing and supply of road barrier systems in India. With its focus on road and highway safety products since the past 20 years, Frontier now adds to its product line up a unique and innovative way to combat the issue of flooding of urban areas. From factories to personal properties to sensitive government installations like power, telecom, nuclear etc., FLOODSTOP BARRIERS can be deployed in no time to save precious property and equipment.