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Speed Bumps

Frontier brings to you some of the best quality speed breakers and speed bumps that are designed to enhance safety and to make better grip on the road. Being one of the leading speed bump manufacturers in India, the company aims at providing best of the road safety products to its clients in India and abroad.

Besides they are of high quality, the reflectors & glass elements provide better night vision. In addition, they are designed in such a way to make easy drainage of rain water. There is no need to pain repeatedly due to pre-color. So, choose from a wide range of speed breakers/bumps from a leading speed bumps supplier in India. Our range of speed bumps caters to light vehicle movement to heavy vehicle movement. There are many models to choose from depending upon your requirement.

  • Elegance Bump
    Elegance Bump
  • Ridge - 2 Bump
    Ridge - 2 Bump
  • Trapezium Bump
    Trapezium Bump
  • Executive - 1 Bump
    Executive - 1 Bump
  • Executive - 2 Bump
    Executive - 2 Bump
  • Supperior - 1 Bump
    Supperior - 1 Bump
  • Supperior - 2 Bump
    Supperior - 2 Bump
  • Portable Bump
    Portable Bump
  • Solar Bumps
    Solar Bumps